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Hair Building Keratin Fibers - Conceal Hair Loss, Add Thickness and Body, and Thicken Thinning Roots - for Men and Women by Beverly Hills

  • ALL NATURAL KERATIN: Our hair fibers are made with the same protein that strengthens and protects your real hair. Synthetic fibers simply cannot compare - the difference is clear!
  • WEATHERPROOF COVERAGE: This sweat, wind, and water-resistant formula allows you to wear your best hair no matter the weather, rain or shine. After use, shampoo to remove.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: Our hair fibers have a natural static charge that acts like a magnet and binds them securely to your hair. Don't wait for weeks or months for expensive treatments.
  • MATCH YOUR MANE: Whether your hair is fine or coarse, these all natural fibers will blend in with any texture. Choose between black, brown and dark brown to match your color.
  • BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE: Whether you are headed to a job interview, party or any social event, having a fuller head of hair allows you to enjoy it without feeling self-conscious.

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