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Elevate Your Personal Experience, Organically

Organic personal lubricants and self care products with probiotics and without harmful chemicals.

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Water & Oil Options

Oil & Water based options for organic personal lubricants.

Chemical & Paraben Free

All our products are chemical free containing no parabens or harmful ingredients.

Organic & Probiotic

Always 100% organic with probiotics in our oil-based lubricants.

About our product

Great products made with quality & care

✚ Good for your Health⁣⁣

✔ Organic & Probiotic⁣

✘ No Chemicals or Parabens⁣

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Perfect lube! Doesn’t leak on the bed, easy close, doesn’t burn (even in super sensitive areas). Haven’t had any Vaginal infections since using. Love that it’s not liquidy and I can use it, and then close the top and throw on the bed and not worry about oil everywhere!

Jen S.